The Difference Between FileMaker Server Hosting and FileMaker Pro Database Cloud Hosting

With FileMaker Pro Database Cloud Hosting your databases reside on a server used by other customers and therefore some limitations are set to provide a very stable environment for all customers of that server.  For most customers those limitations do not stop their solutions from deployment.

However, some customers require more sophisticated deployments.

If you require any of the following, you should choose a FileMaker Server Hosting plan:

  • Hosting more than 20 databases (FileMaker Server Hosting allows up to 125)
  • Hosting more than 40 GB of storage (FileMaker Server Hosting allows 60 GB+)
  • Third party server side plugins, especially those requiring other third party technologies like Java
  • More than one a day database backups
  • Need external authentication through Active Directory
  • Need direct access to FileMaker Server Admin Console
  • Need file system access
  • Need to host related applications (like QuickBooks)
  • Need web hosting on same server as FileMaker Server
  • Need to host email server
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