Can I point my domain to your FileMaker server hosting my database?

For FileMaker Pro Database Cloud Hosting Plans:

FMPHost supports pointing your own custom domain registered with us to your database's WebDirect or Instant Web Publishing address.

The Point Domain button in the database hosting control panel will give you the option to either:

1) Perform a 301 Redirect - Your users will be redirected to your database at our server's address. This will keep the connection encrypted, but it will show our server address in their browser.

2) Use Domain Masking - Your users' browsers will retain your domain in the address bar, but the connection will not be encrypted. Encryption will require the purchase and installation of your own SSL certificate. Please let us know if you are interested in the optional SSL certificate options.

If FMPHost is not the registrar of the domain then you may setup the 301 Redirect or Domain Masking (by way of creating a SSL Proxy server) separate from FMPHost. The Point Domain button we provide is simply a convenience to our domain registration customers.

For FileMaker Server Hosting Plans:

With these plans you can install your own SSL certificate or disable encryption if you like (though we don't recommend this).  Simply point the hostname you wish at your server's IP address.
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